A professional, high quality consulting service that addresses the complex air traffic control environment. I offer fee-for-service consulting on aircraft accidents related to Air Traffic Control operations, rules, and procedures, and have experience in accident investigations of commercial and civil aircraft. 

Edmund M. Strong

                                                                                                                                          International Air Traffic Control Expert Witness and Consultant


                                                                                                               ♦ Evaluating the actions and/or in-actions of the agents of the air traffic control system as they relate to causation in aircraft accidents
                                                                                                               ♦ Determining compliance with procedures and requirements established in FAA documents

                                                                                                               ♦ Analyzing opposing expert testimony for fallacious arguments and incorrect interpretation of procedures

                                                                                                               ♦ Enforcement actions

                                                                                                               ♦ Providing simple, concise explanations to the court how air traffic control did, or did not, contribute to the cause of the accident

                                                                                                               ♦ Professionally written opinions and declarations

                                                                                                               ♦ Analyzing Flight Reconstructions formulated from radar data tracking systems

                                                                                                               ♦ Analysis of voice recordings and transcripts

 Edmund M. Strong
Office:  (941) 268-4899